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your new team member
ready to make an impact

We leverage years of experience, proven success, and lessons learned to support you with highly skilled BIM engineers and architects with your specific long- or short-term project needs.

Your Benefits

With our support, your project's efficiency will be maximised without needing a lengthy recruitment process and hiring an additional full-time employee.

We offer a perfect fit for your team requirements with the skills needed to achieve your project’s goals and ensure efficiency.

Your implementation cost for a full-time employee will be reduced and can be invested within your core business.

Save time & money on recruitent by bim offshoring with frescon

Typical recruitment timeframe: 6-8 weeks

Timeframe to engage one of our BIM specialists: 1-2 weeks

Save Time & Money on Recruitment
BIM Offshoring services model

Staff Augmentation

Whether you are working on pharmaceutical, industrial, datacentre, or mixed-use development projects, we have the fitting specialist for you.

How it works

Schedule a call or online meeting. Discuss your unique requirements and we’ll pair you with the best BIM personnel for your project.



We onboard your new team member within your required timeframe and set up your communication and IT requirements to allow a seamless work environment.



Your new team member is ready to go. You and your team communicate and assign work directly. We will check in with you and our personnel regularly.



We’re here to help you be scaling your team, so you can focus on other important aspects of your project.
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