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Complex service

Ashview Consultants are a specialist construction health and safety practice, providing advice to a wide range of industries across a diverse range of clients and employers in both Ireland and the UK.

We had the honor of creating a comprehensive website and branding materials implementation for the largest construction safety consultancy in Ireland.



Museo Slab


HEX #FF8400

HEX #101A5C



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Company branding

Personalized branding materials together with infographics create a complementary project. The whole has been designed to match the colors of the website, as well as, reflect the specificity of the client's industry.

The project's mobile site has been designed to allow visitors to view the website from mobile devices of various sizes. It has many animations, as well as various links to different projects, mediae, blogs and news. Combined with animations and video clips, it creates a dynamic, user-friendly whole.

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