Our experience lies in our personnel professional journey and a young and dedicated team of architects and engineers.


Combining all of our personal working experience, we can show of a very high level of knowledge, having worked on a wide variety of projects, both small to large size. Such as dwellings, residential developments, local clinics to hospitals, hotels and pharmaceutical projects.


We provide project management services for our clients during the architectural design stage to construction and handover of a project.


Representing you as our client, means to be the first and sometimes only point of contact for all stakeholders of the project. We’re not taking this responsibility lightly.
We make sure that all your needs are attended to. We know what’s important to you. The budget in line with the required timeline is as important as the implementation of all required design items.
The early stage of a project we are establishing the scope and budget of the project. As well as advising on any hidden cost or potential risks of increased cost based on chosen material, developed design and also by choosing the right contractor and subcontractors.
Throughout the entire project we keep track of all cost and inform well in advance of any discrepancies.
Same as with cost management we’re establishing a project timeline and schedule at the early stage of any given project. We advice on any potential time delay risks and inform well in advance of any discrepancies by tracking the entire project progress.
A project wouldn’t be a full success if the quality of any given item wouldn’t be the best of the best. Independent of a low or high budget, we’re advising and proposing always good value for money solutions, as well as tracking all completed work by designers and contractors, making sure that everything is up to the required standard.
Through our proposed contract administration service, we make sure that you feel at ease throughout your project delivery. We advice before contract signing and deal with all contractors on items like finances, time schedule, penalties, additional cost. You can rest assured that everything is under control and you won’t get any unnecessary surprises down the line.