Our collective goal as an experienced and creative team of architects is to find the right architectural solution to your big dreams. As much as we love to incorporate beautiful architectural design, we never lose sight of what’s important. For us functionality and beauty should go hand in hand.


We therefore provide architectural solutions together with project management services that fit your taste, requirement to functionality, space and budget.


Building Information Modeling, in short BIM, is not just modeling. BIM is an intelligent construction process that brings together geometry, time, cost, sustainability and building management.

Through BIM, architects, engineers and construction professionals are empowered to make confident decisions in relation to the design, constructibility and management of buildings and infrastructure.


As a team, we enable our clients to make these confident decisions.


We provide Construction Marketing services that suit your company’s needs. More often than not marketing is defined as simply advertising your company through many different platforms. We look beyond this, we at FRESCON concentrate to look through your company’s structure and present your competitive advantage.


Our goal is to let others see what you do best in the right setting.