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We have been involved on the NCH projects since very early on. Our first involvement was in 2016 when the project went out for tendering. Back then our main client BAM building entrusted us to provide the 4D simulation which was one of the tender requirements. More so it was specified that it had to be produced using one of the various BIM simulation software on the market. We chose Autodesk Naviswork and added further detail with Adobe After Effects to fully explain our clients construction methodology.

By the end of the year we got the news everyone was waiting for. The job was won! We felt very proud of our work and involvement.

In 2017, by the time excavation works have started on site, we have been asked to continue working on this project as the 4D specialist. Since then we have provided assistance through BIM 3D model development of the earthworks shapes and cuts, logistics equipment such as cranes, laydown areas and have analysed the project against logistical and timeframe related clashes and continuously doing so.

Date: 2016 - Ongoing