Our goal is always to find the right architectural solution for your concept.


However, we don’t lose sight of the fact that the budget is as important as the appearance and functionability. Because every project has a distinct signature, we approach each project as if it were our first.


The design of any project is the processing of layers of data and information into a complete and coherent design, one that can be understood by all.

The design of a project with BIM combines all aspects of information of the in one single file that enables a lean collaborations between all project parties.

The advantages are enormous and are becoming mandatory in the current market place.

Benefits include saving of design time, simplication of design co-ordination among varying disciplines, reduction of design and construction errors. These are only a few.

Simply put, a building designed with BIM today is ready for tomorrow.


This is the goal of every project. Careful planning, forethrought, detection of risks and a timely response to all issues will bring your project to a close on schedule and within the planned budget. That is FRESCON’s mission statement.

To achieve this, we work with the latest technical standards, software and hardware.

With us, you have a competent partner and the support, coordination and management of your project from concept right through planning to construction stage and sign off.


Your project comes alive with our 3D design and 4D animation services, long before it commences on site.

We can animate your project based on your technical drawings and construction time schedule. This we convert into a ‘state of art’ video presentation showing you exactly what your project will look like but also the timeline of construction and how it will be built! This ‘wow’ factor will make a distinct impression on you and your client!