We provide Construction Marketing services that suit your company’s needs. Through our individual approach to every client and extensive knowledge of the construction industry, we create unique and targeted marketing concepts that meet our client’s goals.


More often than not marketing is defined as simply advertising your company by setting up a website, create business cards and brochures and leave it at that.

We, at FRESCON like to go the extra mile. We propose something more.

An account-based marketing approach that focuses directly on your companies needs, your existing customer as well as your target audience and creates customer-specific marketing strategies that are then implemented with great care and constant monitoring of the results.


Our goal is to show the world and your customers what you do best in the perfect setting and in all the right shapes and colours!


More details will be coming soon! We’re just busy helping our client’s on their marketing needs.



Digital marketing forms the basis of our lives and is all around us. Simply put it is the marketing of products and services through digital technologies. More and more it is the number one source to find more information about the things we are trying to inquire on a daily basis.

Web design and development are inevitable for every business. Looking at the statistic that it takes about 0,05 seconds for users to form an opinion about a website that determines whether they’ll stay or leave, just shows how important a professional and functional website is nowadays.


It may come as a shock, but statistics also say that 75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design. We all know that we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s covers, but the truth is, we’re all doing it every day.


That’s why we want our client’s to succeed by creating appealing, relevant and functional websites that reflect a company’s core values and strengths and give give potential and existing customers a reason to stay.

You might have asked yourself sometimes why Social Media is important for your business. You know that every big player on the market does it, but why exactly do they do that?


You don’t have to look any further. We have the answer.


Just as you know that having a good relationship with your clients is important for your business growth, the same applies to building good relationships to your potential clients and customers.


Social Media gives us the opportunity to connect on a personal level with people. Through social media we can show who we are and what we stand for, not just on a professional level.


At the end of the day, it is people to people relations that count the most and why people decide to trust others with their projects or not.


At FRESCON, we’re finding the right platforms for your Social Media adventure, setting up a strategy and routine, implementing what needs implementation and either manage it for you or help you on the way to draw results through this means of advertisement.

Online advertising, also called online marketing or internet or web advertising, is a form of marketing which uses the internet to deliver marketing messages to potential customers. We best know online advertising as pop-up windows and banners that come out of nowhere and are not relevant to what we actually need.


But online advertising is not just about selling something. There can be huge benefits drawn through such media. A few of them are growing a recognisable company brand and brand awareness, getting to know the profile of your perfect customer and have the ability to aim adverts in the right direction, advertising a product or project launch or simply creating more traffic on your website by giving your potential customers value for doing so.


We’re proposing a different approach to using this type of marketing. We analyse all pros and cons of how online advertising can benefit your business growth and make it worth while instead of an exercise that ticks a box on a ‘how to do marketing’ list.


A brand is simply put an overall image and experience that distinguishes a company or product from another. Brands are widely used in businesses that are selling products.


But when we look deeper into the meaning of having a business brand, it becomes apparent that having a brand, like Apple or Coca-Cola to give world-wide examples or Kingspan and Caterpillar to give more construction relevant examples, means that customers know what to expect upon deciding to pay for your services and are doing so with exactly that certainty. In response this leads to business growth. And business growth is desired throughout all business sectors.


The construction sector shouldn’t be an exception.

To succeed in developing a business brand, it is vital to have a corporate identity that represents your business, is recognisable and illustrates to potential clients what you’re all about.


We develop corporate identities by sitting down with our clients, not only with the high level management but also with the personnel to discover what your company represents, what your values are and what you’re standing for.


We want to get to know your company, we want to find out what makes you special, only then are we able to create that unique corporate identity that will make you stand out among all others.


This includes the creation of some or all of the below, dependent on your needs:


Logo design / Stationery / Marketing collateral such as print brochures, catalogues and direct mail / Website design / Email, social media / Online, radio, magazine, billboard and display advertising / Product design and packaging / Employee uniforms / Corporate signage and Vehicle graphics

There are occasions for construction companies where you either have to engage with your surrounding community or simply advertise your company in a bigger way.


The former would be for example organising school visits, career days or general presentations to an audience, be it the neighbourhood of a particular project or a potential client during a tender process.


Examples for the latter would be exhibition or conference stands.


We are supporting our clients by creating a story together with a concept and realise these for the specific event.


From PowerPoint presentation, through printed banners, roll-up prints and an entire exhibition stand, nothing is too small or big for us. One is sure, our designs will fit the purpose!

We know that even though many construction companies do realise that marketing is important, they don’t necessarily have the budget to employ a graphic designer on an ongoing basis just yet.


Especially small to medium size companies struggle with this dilemma.


We at FRESCON offer therefore independent graphic design services, solely based on your needs. Be it just creating a logotype for your company or a simple presentation template, we’re here to help you succeed.


We offer graphic design support in the following areas:


Company logo design / Business cards / Headed paper / PowerPoint presentation templates / Catalogue, brochure and leaflets design / Hoarding design / Vehicle design / and many other

Having created and implemented a Corporate Identity, it still can be difficult sometimes to incorporate this identity into sales presentations.


We offer support to your company’s Sales Team. So that they can concentrate on the important task to include all of the relevant and critical information across to your potential new client and release them from the stress that it all needs to also look well.


We’re happy to take the burden and create a concept that will merge your corporate identity, brand and the essence of your proposal into a presentation that will draw your prospective client’s attention.


Marketing campaigns are the standard to most industries. And they continually prove to give value for money. The construction industry is a very specific industry, not all marketing rules apply, but we can certainly adapt all of them to meet the industry’s needs.   


Marketing campaigns are organised, strategic efforts to promote a specific goal, such as raising awareness of a new project or introducing a new product on the market. They generally focus on reaching a broader audience in a variety of ways, be it through digital or printed media.


We believe that campaigns should become the standard in the construction industry as well and the best way to use them is by implementing them within tendering processes, project and product launches.

We all know that tendering is not only time- and cost-consuming, it is as well hard work. And at the end of the day, it may seem that only the lowest bidder is winning the job. But not always.


Let’s face it, if you were the client and were deciding between two tenderers, the price being just a fraction higher than the other, who would you give the project to? The one that not only has the right content, but also shows that the company by submitting an organised and professional looking proposal goes the extra mile or the tenderer that has the right content, however the tender documentation appears disorganised and as if put together in a haste?


Sometimes the extra miles goes a long mile.


Tendering is the everyday life of every construction company. Statistics say that in order to win 5% of all the tender projects, companies have to spend the cost of 95% of all the tender projects.


So why not go the extra mile and change this statistic in your favour by doing something different and introducing a targeted tender campaign that focuses not only on the looks but more importantly on the client. To make him see that you know him, that you know what he needs and that you and only you can deliver his project.

Project campaigns are not only important to raise awareness to the adjacent neighbourhood, but also to raise awareness of your company on the market. It not only shows professionalism, but also commitment to the project and to the client.


Project campaigns consists of creating a unique brand or design concept for the project itself. Something that will show the importance of the project, the benefits to its users or community as well as highlighting the consistent workmanship of a construction company, it’s efforts to deliver quality and to be at the top of health and safety matters, to name but a few benefits and goals that can be achieved through project campaigns.

Project campaigns and product/service launches do not differ to a certain degree. The main difference is that different to project campaigns, we’re aiming to sell a specific product or service to a targeted audience.


Same as with project campaigns, we analyse all aspects of the advertised product or service, assess potential customer in corporation with our clients, and develop a marketing strategy which consists of a wide range of marketing media, be it digital or printed.