Our experience lies in our personnel professional journey and a young and dedicated team of architects and engineers.


Combining all of our personal working experience, we can show of a very high level of knowledge, having worked on a wide variety of projects, both small to large size. Such as dwellings, residential developments, local clinics to hospitals, hotels and pharmaceutical projects.


We provide project management services for our clients during the architectural design stage to construction and handover of a project.


BIM is all about collecting various data, turning it into a digital design model, testing that model and then using that information to improve the output of the client’s design and requirements. Using BIM means that projects can be delivered with improved quality to our clients by lowering risk of design and construction errors and enabling project certainty.
We provide BIM coordination and management services for Clients, Main Contractors and Designers.
Cork BIM cross section with drwg
Within our BIM Management services or as a separate service, FRESCON provides full coordination services for your architectural, structural and MEP projects.


Our coordination services range from coordination between Architecture and Structure as well as MEP design. As well as the coordination of time clashes during the construction phase by incorporating the designated construction programme into Navisworks and eliminating work and time clashes.


We produce a full Navisworks construction scheduling sequence of projects and create a 4D animation on its basis or simply support you in the production of same within your organisation.
BIM estimation and analysis starts with a solid and accurate  5D model. With these construction quantities, time data and prices, you can drive a precise estimate and schedule. And with the visualization of the model, it is quickly to illustrate which elements have been costed already, and which elements still need attention. It also allows Clients to see which and how areas of the building are contributing to the total cost of the building.


By using quantities extracted from the Virtual Construction model, accurate estimates can be created in less time. This approach reduces inaccuracies and risks and helps identifying and communicating the links between quantities, costs, time and locations.


Building Information Modelling is becoming increasingly vital for modern construction projects. Not only does it provide a digital representation of a building project, it also facilitates greater levels of collaboration and interchangeability within the design environment.


At FRESCON, we provide building information modelling services using Autodesk Revit, including Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP. We are able to create pre-construction planning design data for diverse projects with the same family of software. This level of interoperability provides obvious time and cost benefits; it also allows the entire project team to view the impact of their individual designs on those of others and to resolve the conflicts based on this knowledge.


We produce Architectural, Structural and MEP 3D Revit Models for all sectors of the construction industry, be it Residential, Health Care or Datacentres or Industrial Projects. We create models of the surrounding topography, roads, architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and process.


We provide a professional scan-to-BIM 3D modelling service, utilising the latest technology to convert point cloud and laser survey data into sophisticated 3D BIM models.
Whether it is a Point Cloud file or a simple 2D drawing building survey. We produce your existing architectural, structural or MEP building/facility into a BIM model using Autodesk Revit.


We provide our scan-to-BIM modelling services to a number of sectors, including architects, retailers and main contractors. We provide scan-to-BIM models for architectural and structural building elements for many of these customers. We also provide MEP scan-to-BIM services to consulting engineers, MEP designers and MEP contractors.
We produce Revit Families that suit your products and your purpose. From simple to complex, all necessary design information is always included and modeled with all necessary parameters.
We support your construction process with the development and production of the latest 2D working drawings for your site staff.